About CerdasMulia Privat

CerdasMulia Privat is a private tutoring specialist. We are passionate to help every children to reach their highest potency. Through fun, creative, and inspiring learning, we enhance child’s understanding and learning performance in school. We believe that there is no inadequacy in child’s learning process. Because through appropriate learning methods, we believe that every child is Smart! 🙂

Our Programs

We provide private tutoring for all subjects and all grades.

#Kindergarten (English, reading & counting preparation, Iqra)

#Elementary School (all subjects)

#Junior High School (all subjects)

#High School (all subjects)


Our students come from various international schools in Jakarta. Such kind of PKSD Mandiri, GIS (Global Islamic School), Cikal, and etc.


CerdasMulia Privat very helps my boys in learning. Their teachers are very kind and mastery all of subjects. My boys are more excited in learning, and their score in school are increasing. Thank you very much CerdasMulia!  😊🙏🏻
(Ida- Sutan & Toro’s Mom)
Rajiv said that he likes to learn with the teacher. Alhamdulillah, his math score also improving than before 🙂
(Nila – Rajiv’s Mom)
Thanks God, Raja’s score was good. Then I want to take another private tutoring for Raja’s sister.
(Etty – Raja & Jared’s Mom)